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Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project

The Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration (PNWSGD), a $179 million project that was co-funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in late 2009, was one of the largest and most comprehensive demonstrations of electricity grid modernization ever completed. The project was one of 16 regional smart grid demonstrations funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. It was the only demonstration that included multiple states and cooperation from multiple electric utilities, including rural electric co-ops, investor-owned, municipal, and other public utilities. No fewer than 55 unique instantiations of distinct smart grid systems were demonstrated at the projects' sites. The local objectives for these systems included improved reliability, energy conservation, improved efficiency, and demand responsiveness.

The demonstration developed and deployed an innovative transactive system, unique in the world, that coordinated many of the project's distributed energy resources and demand-responsive components. With the transactive system, additional regional objectives were also addressed, including the mitigation of renewable energy intermittency and the flattening of system load. Using the transactive system, the project coordinated a regional response across the 11 utilities. This region-wide connection from the transmission system down to individual premises equipment was one of the major successes of the project. The project showed that this can be done and assets at the end points can respond dynamically on a wide scale. In principle, a transactive system of this type might eventually help coordinate electricity supply, transmission, distribution, and end uses by distributing mostly automated control responsibilities among the many distributed smart grid domain members and their smart devices.

The Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration (PNWSGD) project was a unique demonstration of unprecedented geographic breadth across five Pacific Northwest states-Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. It involved about 60,000 metered customers, and contained many key functions of the future smart grid, ultimately moving the nation closer to establishing a more efficient and effective electric grid.


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PNWSGD Data Collection: University of Washington Facilities Services Site Tests

Data collected and aggregated for the University of Washington (UW), Seattle, WA. This data was the basis for the analysis and outcomes described in Chapter 17 of the Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project Technology Performance Report Volume 1: Technology Performance (please see Additional Information below). Detailed information about the collected data is in the PDF referenced below.

The University of Washington (UW) at the Seattle campus is a subproject participating in the Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration (PNWSGD) project. The UW’s goals in the project is to monitor and manage more than fifteen million square feet of space, serve over 40,000 students daily, and provide the university with the expectation of saving over $350,000 annually in energy consumption costs.

The following asset systems were demonstrated at the UW site:
• enabling assets, consisting primarily of data collection infrastructure
• power generation assets, including one steam turbine (Section 17.1), two diesel standby generators (Section 17.2), and two small-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) facilities (Section 17.3)
• building heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) controls and lighting controls (Section 17.4)
• student residence and university facilities pilot sub-metering (Section 17.5)
• a facility energy management system (FEMS) (Section 17.6).

Those asset systems were exploited to conduct six experiments that are the focus of the Technology Performance Report, each test case comprising one major subsection of chapter 17.

Citation - Please use this citation in any publication where this data is used: 
Kuchar, Olga Anna. PNWSGD Data Collection: University of Washington Facilities Services Site Tests. United States: N. p., 2015. Web. doi:10.17041/drp/1440577.

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