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With recent advances in computing technology and optimization software, researchers have developed new algorithms, the computations that serve as the basis to develop software, to solve how power can be most efficiently transmitted and distributed on the electric grid; however, existing models that test these algorithms are dated, inaccurate or incomplete; meanwhile, models that use real data from the electric grid cannot be shared publicly due to security and privacy challenges.

The Energy Grid Data Repository seeks to overcome these limitations by creating an interactive and publicly available repository to store the power system models, as well as other models developed by the engineering community. This repository will encourage a more accurate and comprehensive evaluation of emerging grid optimization tools, which will improve grid reliability and security while improving efficiency.

This Repository is funded under the Data Repository for Power system Open models With Evolving Resources (DR POWER) project by the ARPA-E Generating Realistic Information for the Development of Distribution and Transmission Algorithms (GRID DATA) Program to establish, curate, and evolve open-access power grid models and scenarios, collectively referred to as datasets.

DR POWER is a joint effort of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA).

DR POWER is currently running version 3.0.

PNNL Privacy Notice: https://www.pnnl.gov/security-privacy