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Grid Optimization (GO) Final Event Dataset

This dataset represents the final GO competition event dataset, posted December 3, 2019 on the competition site.

The resources attached to this dataset represent:
- Real-Time (used with Divisions 1 and 3; 10 minute time limit for code1) ,
- Offline (used with Divisions 2 and 4; 45 minute time limit for code1).

Each resource (zip file) consists of 17 Network Models with 20 scenarios each. The * in the Network Model name is replaced with either R for Real-Time (Divisions 1 and 3), or O for Offline (Divisions 2 and 4). The only difference is the starting information (5 variables) in the raw files. Each resource contains, for each scenario, the following types of data:
- .raw - the power flow network configuration data file,
- .rop - the cost function data file,
- .inl - the participation factor data file,
- .con - the contingency description data file (see Input files and format)

Important note: The number of contingencies for Network_13 is incorrect in the results information sent to the entrant teams. However, the values provided in the network information file are correct.

Citation - Please use this citation in any publication where this data is used: 
(e.g., Kuchar, Olga Anna. PNWSGD Data Collection: University of Washington Facilities Services Site Tests. United States: N. p., 2015. Web. doi:10.17041/drp/1440577. )

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