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Greensboro Synthetic Network

Version 0.1, November 29, 2017

A fully synthetic distribution dataset for Greensboro North Carolina has been created using the U.S. Reference Network Model (RNM-US).

The network consists of three types of distribution areas:

  1. Industrial
  2. Rural
  3. Urban-suburban

covering an area of 1530 km2 (45 x 34 km). The synthetic network for each area can be visualized using the set of provided GIS files in

Two variants of the network were created corresponding to a cold and mixed humid climate conditions. The network uploaded here corresponds to the cold climate. A summary of the total number of network components can be found in GSO_Network_Summary.xlsx. The base network is provided in Open-DSS format in

A series of load growth scenarios have been created on top of the base network. This scenario describes a base load profile along with profiles for 10%, 50%, and 100% load growth. The files for this scenario are available in

Data needed for distribution optimal powerflow (OPF) scenario has also been created and is available in This data suppliments the base or load growth network data.

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Greensboro, North Carolina
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