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GO Competition Phase 0 Infeasible 179-bus

Warning! The authors have discovered some serious known errors in the files and they are working on replacing them. They humbly apologize for the inconvenience.

This dataset is composed of 10 scenarios, only 3 known to be feasible, based on the 179-bus model of the Western Systems Coordinating Council (WECC/WSCC) developed at the University of Wisconsin – Madison ("DC Multi-infeed Study," Electric Power Res. Inst. TR-104586, Dec. 1994.) For this dataset special emphasis was placed on generating a large set of security contingencies. Multiple scenarios were generated by random perturbation of limits, e.g. on generator power output and branch flows, and ten were selected has having no known feasible solution. Since the initial selection scenarios 2, 3, and 4 have been shown to be feasible.

The reactive power balance constraint violations (pu) for each scenario observed by the GAMS reference solution are:
Scenario Violation
1 108.3277324034
2 2.065E-7
3 5.18E-8
4 1.222E-7
5 112.3874869845
6 107.5294907679
7 9.4938630426
8 11.8842477458
9 99.4814837677
10 119.8815277648
A solution is considered feasible if the maximum constraint violation is less than 1.00E-6.

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