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Phase 0 179bus 10 feasible scenarios

This dataset contains 10 scenario folders, and each scenario contains the following files:
powersystem.raw: a PSSE Raw file version 33.5, containing bus, generator, load, branch, transformer, and other control variable data for a power system.
generator.csv: a comma separated value (csv) file. The headers are Bus Number, Generator ID, Term ID, and Value. The generation cost is a quadratic function, the constant term has Term ID 0, the linear term with ID 1, and the quadratic term has ID 2. Term ID 9 is for participation factor of a generation. The cost data and participation factor are NOT per unit. Default value of the field "Value" is 0.0.
contingency.csv: a list of contingencies. The headers are Contingency ID, Type, From, and To. The first field provides the index for each contingency. These indices will be used in the standard output file of solutions. Field "Type" identifiers are B for branch, T for transformer and G for generator. For Type B, fields "From" and "To" are the indices of the end buses of the failed branch. For Type T, fields "From" and "To" are the indices of the end buses of the failed transformer. For Type G, field "To" is the index of the failed generator and "From" is the index of the bus to which the failed generator is connected.
pscopf_data.gms: the same data from the first three files, but in GAMS compatible format.
pscopf_data.mat: the same data from the first three files, but in MATLAB binary format.
pscopf.m: the same data from the first three files, but in MATLAB compatible format.
solution1.txt: the required output for the base solution.
solution2.txt: the required output for the contingency solutions

The scorepara.csv file in the archive contains information used to score solutions to this dataset.

See the Dataset Contents section of the GO Competition Datasets page for more information.

82 files in this archive

  • Phase_0_Feas179/
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_1/
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_10/
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_10/contingency.csv
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_10/generator.csv
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_10/powersystem.raw
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_10/pscopf_data.gms
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_10/solution0.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_10/solution1.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_10/solution2.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_1/contingency.csv
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_1/generator.csv
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_1/powersystem.raw
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_1/pscopf_data.gms
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_1/solution0.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_1/solution1.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_1/solution2.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_2/
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_2/contingency.csv
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_2/generator.csv
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_2/powersystem.raw
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_2/pscopf_data.gms
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_2/solution0.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_2/solution1.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_2/solution2.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_3/
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_3/contingency.csv
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_3/generator.csv
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_3/powersystem.raw
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_3/pscopf_data.gms
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_3/solution0.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_3/solution1.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_3/solution2.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_4/
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_4/contingency.csv
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_4/generator.csv
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_4/powersystem.raw
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_4/pscopf_data.gms
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_4/solution0.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_4/solution1.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_4/solution2.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_5/
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_5/contingency.csv
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_5/generator.csv
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_5/powersystem.raw
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_5/pscopf_data.gms
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_5/solution0.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_5/solution1.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_5/solution2.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_6/
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_6/contingency.csv
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_6/generator.csv
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_6/powersystem.raw
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_6/pscopf_data.gms
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_6/solution0.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_6/solution1.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_6/solution2.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_7/
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_7/contingency.csv
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_7/generator.csv
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_7/powersystem.raw
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_7/pscopf_data.gms
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_7/solution0.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_7/solution1.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_7/solution2.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_8/
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_8/contingency.csv
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_8/generator.csv
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_8/powersystem.raw
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_8/pscopf_data.gms
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_8/solution0.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_8/solution1.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_8/solution2.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_9/
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_9/contingency.csv
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_9/generator.csv
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_9/powersystem.raw
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_9/pscopf_data.gms
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_9/solution0.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_9/solution1.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scenario_9/solution2.txt
  • Phase_0_Feas179/scorepara.csv
This file contains no Critical Electric Infrastructure Information (CEII)

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