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CASE1354PEGASE Power flow data for medium part of European system

This case accurately represents the size and complexity of part of the European high voltage transmission network. The network contains 1,354 buses, 260 generators, and 1,991 branches and it operates at 380 and 220 kV. Please note that the data are fictitious and do not correspond to real world data. They can thus be used to validate methods and tools but should not be used for operation and planning of the European grid.

The data stems from the Pan European Grid Advanced Simulation and State Estimation (PEGASE) project, part of the 7th Framework Program of the European Union ( When publishing results based on this data, please cite:

S. Fliscounakis, P. Panciatici, F. Capitanescu, and L. Wehenkel, "Contingency ranking with respect to overloads in very large power systems taking into account uncertainty, preventive and corrective actions", Power Systems, IEEE Trans. on, (28)4:4909-4917, 2013.


  1. Line flow limits are 100 MVA (at 1 p.u. voltage) lower than the current flow limits found in PEGASE data.

  2. PEGASE data contains asymmetric shunt conductance and susceptance in the PI transmission line model of branches. Thus total line charging
    susceptance of branches is set to 0 p.u. and the nodal representation of shunt condutance and susceptance is used. As a result, power flow
    equations are left unchanged compared with original PEGASE data. However, line flow constraints in the optimal flow problem are modified.

  3. Identical linear costs are used for all generators to form a loss minimizing OPF objective function.

  4. Since some parts of the network are aggregated, some generators (e.g. with negative PMIN) represent aggregations of multiple loads
    and generators.

    Cédric Josz, Stéphane Fliscounakis, Jean Maeght, Patrick Panciatici
    Réseau de Transport d'Electricité (French Transmission System Operator)
    Département Expertise Système, Immeuble "Le Colbert"
    9 rue de la Porte de Buc, 78000 Versailles Cedex, France
    March 18th, 2015

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