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Bay Area Synthetic Network

San Francisco Synthetic Network version 0.1

A fully synthetic distribution dataset for San Francisco Bay Area has been created using the U.S. Reference Network Model (RNM-US). It includes urban, sub-urban and rural areas.

The network models seven counties:
· Alameda.
· Contra Costa
· Napa
· San Francisco
· Santa Clara
· Santa Cruz
· Solano

covering an area of 18966 km2. The synthetic network for each area can be visualized using the set of provided GIS files. The base network is provided in Open-DSS format. The Open-DSS files are available at county level, or aggregated in a single file for each type of equipment.

Network summary

Number of buildings 1,702,004
Number of medium voltage buildings 997
Number of low voltage buildings 1,700,982
Number of consumers 2,200,568
Number of medium voltage consumers 5,826
Number of low voltage consumers 2,194,742
Number of buses 3,371,941
Number of electrical nodes 6,973,989
Number of trasmission substations 87
Number of sub-transmission substations 451
Number of distribution Transformers 333,413
Length of power lines (km) 79,267.30
High voltage (sub-transmission) 2,393.90
Medium voltage 31,194.80
Low voltage (secondaries) 45,678.50
Number of feeders 2,388

Development Team:

IIT: Carlos Mateo Domingo, Fernando Postigo, Fernando de Cuadra, Tomás Gómez
NREL: Tarek Elgindy, Nicolas Gensollen, Michael Rossol, Elaine Hale, and Bryan Palmintier
MIT: Pablo Duenas Martinez

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Carlos Mateo Domingo
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